UniMeC – Centre for Medical Studies 2nd stage Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Plzeň

Client: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Medicine in Plzeň

Construction period: 09/2019 – 06/2022

Construction of this part of the new campus is a follow up to the first stage of construction of buildings UniMeC and BioMeC, during which place for five theoretical institutes and a Biomedical Centre was created.

During the second stage of the construction the UniMeC complex will provide place for all parts of the faculty except for those clinics which have a residence in University Hospital in Plzeň. The rest of theoretical institutes, modern spaces for practical study and research, supporting departments (administration, IT department, technical department), as well as the dean’s office and a cafeteria including kitchen will be in the main building of the campus. The third stage includes construction of a sport’s hall and a building for the Institute of Physical Education.

The main building, which has a H-shaped ground plan, is divided into five parts: central part with axis in the direction east-west to which there are perpendicularly attached four wings – two on the south and two on the north side. There is an entrance hall with common space in the central part. The theoretical institutes of the faculty and accompanying buildings are located in the more dominant east wings and auditoriums for students can be found in smaller west wings. North wing provides space for lecture halls and south wing for a cafeteria with a terrace. The dean’s office with a roof terrace and garden is located two floors above the cafeteria. Terraces are also a part of the upper floors of the south wing. Roofs of the building are green with maintenance-free vegetation. Parking spots and technical facilities are situated in underground floors.

The building’s façade consists of horizontal and vertical lines which contrast with different colours of the outer ceramic cladding of the central part and the lateral wigs, which are horizontally divided by striking strip windows. In front of the opaque surface of the peripheral cladding there will be ceramic plates in two colours and hey will be hanging on a metallic grating. The plates will be dark on the central part of the building and light on the lateral wings.

There will be enamelled glass in the same shade as a clear window. This glass will be inserted into the façade in parts which will imitate wall-to-wall glazing in front of the windowsills. Uncovered parts of the first underground floor of the north wings will be plastered or tiled. The main building of the theoretical institute will be connected by a bridge with the institute building from the first stage.

Part of the project is also landscaping, planting of trees into the grass, construction of paths and areas for rest for all users of the complex.


Construction’s proposed capacity

Total capacity of new parking spots in underground garages 174

Total area of UniMeC II (Institutes, shared facilities, cafeteria, dean’s office and garages) 6610 m2