Logistics park

The Hněvotín Logistics Park was built in 2007 with the aim of increasing efficiency and reducing costs related to logistics processes for the construction projects of GEMO a.s.. With a total cost exceeding CZK 100 million, the new modern facility satisfies all of the demands placed on the company’s environmental and quality policies.
The logistics park is located just outside of Olomouc in the village of Hněvotín, close to Highway R46.
A paved area of 11,351.9 m2 includes a parking lot for company transport vehicles, metal and hardware shops, and storage spaces for building materials, boarding elements and construction site support facilities.
All handling is provided by a 6-ton POTAIN tower crane.
We also have nearly 4,000 m2 of covered production and storage spaces, as well as offices.


Hněvotín Logistics Park operations



Transport is provided by Mercedes-Benz Actros, Atego and Sprinter vehicles

  • transport of concrete and concrete mixes
  • transport of loose mixes
  • transport and manipulation of materials by platform vehicles with hydraulic crane
  • container transport
  • earth moving
  • we own 43 MB Vito 109 vehicles


Rentals of small equipment

  • vibrating and compacting equipment
  • cutting and division of surfaces
  • openings and passages
  • rentals of fencing, scaffolding and road panels
  • rentals of small construction equipment