Chodov Centre – Reconstruction and Enlargement, Prague

Client: Centrum Praha Jih – Chodov, s.r.o.

Construction period: 2017

With respect to the number of shops, Chodov Centre in Prague is one of the largest shopping centres in the Czech Republic.

The history of the Chodov Centre in Prague project dates back to 1999, when the first preparatory and design work started. The project includes reconstruction of the existing shopping centre and construction of temporary access corridors. The entire reconstruction and construction is being performed under the full operation of the shopping centre, which places higher demands on work safety, logistics and the implementation of technical details.

The architectural design of the project has been developed by the British architecture firm Benoy in cooperation with the French studio Saguez & Partners. The latest findings from European retail concepts were applied in the project with regard to the local specifics of Prague.

The ecological orientation of the centre has been confirmed by a number of previously acquired certificates such as BREEAM in the categories Asset Rating with the rating of Very Good and Building Management classified as Excellent.

The Chodov Centre has recently entered its second expansion stage, which started in January 2015 with the demolition of the existing building of the Růže Shopping Centre. The completion of the second stage is planned for autumn 2017.

The main part of the new building is situated at the location of the former Růže Shopping Centre and above the existing parking facility. The layout of the new building will be divided into two main floors with shopping units, and the two underground floors are connected to the existing shopping floor and the car park.

Implementation of the second stage will expand the existing retail area of 58,000 m2 in the building to 100,000 m2. Upon completion, the Chodov Centre will offer nearly 300 shopping units, including the most advanced national projection multiplex with 18 screening rooms and 2,600 seats, and a completely new and enlarged zone with 43 restaurants and cafés. Upon completion, the total gross floor area will increase to 255,000 m2 and will offer 3,400 parking spaces.

The foundations and supporting structure of building E will be strengthened due to the load of the new reinforced concrete frame and steel structure. Construction work will be executed to the ‘Shell and Core’ extent, i.e. in the state of completion of the shell construction including cladding. The work in question includes complete earthwork, structure drainage, foundation and the construction of supporting reinforced concrete and steel structures, cladding and the roof of the new building.

The cladding consists of several types of façades and atypical details, such as tiles made of stone or glass as well as glass‑concrete panels, metal plates, contact insulating systems or glazed façades.