Hotel Fortuna City, Prague

Client: CPI Hotels Properties, a.s.

Construction period: 08/2018 – 10/2019

The aim of this project is a complete reconstruction of Hotel Fortuna City, which is part of one of the biggest hotel groups in the Czech Republic. The hotel is situated in a peaceful part of Prague close to the city centre. Contemporary technologies will be used for the modernization of the area to guarantee the guests’ comfort. The entrance area of the hotel will get a completely new look.

The current hotel consists of two simple cubes which are connected by a tunnel. There is a passage for pedestrians between the buildings on the ground floor which is covered by a glass roof. This creates an airy centre of the whole area. An aisle between both buildings’ wings functions as a covered passage and will offer many places to stop by and opportunities for business meetings and other gatherings. A very attractive area will be created thanks to this composition.

The main aim of the entrance area is to create a communication line smoothly connecting the public space in front of the hotel with the hotel’s lobby. The new glass roof of the passage is visible even from the higher floors which creates an interesting visual attraction. The hotel’s passage with glass walls is directly connected with the outside yard, which will be expanded compared to the existing one. An outside seating area of a cafe will be added to the side of the courtyard facing the main street. A residential terrace above the basement and a conference room, which can be used for social and commercial purposes, will be built on the other side facing a parking lot. Café which is located on the side facing Černokostelecká street will be closed.

Facades and roofs of both buildings will be thermally insulated to save energy. A green roof will be created on the first floor next to the main entrance. Windows will stay the same except for the ground floor and basement where the window sills will be lowered to offer a better view.

Construction’s proposed capacity:

  originally currently
Rough floor area 12 395 m2 12 435 m2 (all floors)
Enclosed area (without garages) 36 466 m2 36 578 m2
Number of hotel rooms 247 243

The hotel is connected to existing road network, new plan includes adjustments to existing parking lots.