Letná Shopping Centre, Prague

Client: Holešovický Trojúhelník a.s.

The Letná Shopping Centre takes pride in an attractive location in the Prague 7 metropolitan district at the so-called Holešovice Triangle of the Strojnická, U Studánky and Veletržní streets.

The project will create a commercial complex with office operations, leisure centre, restaurants, supermarket and commercial gallery, offering a total leasable area of 21,000 m2.

The construction is divided into two consecutive stages. The first one involves the completion of earthwork and shell of the underground car park, including the sewerage and high-voltage connections; the second one involves the implementation of the above-ground parts of the project.


Built-up area                                                                                            7,600 m2

Enclosed volume (STAGE 1+2)                                                         222,300 m3

Enclosed volume (STAGE 1)                                                              73,560 m3

Total gross floor area (STAGE 1+2)                                                47,938 m2

Garage area (STAGE 1)                                                                        20,364 m2

Number of parking spaces                                                                500