NOVÁ KAROLINA II. STAGE – apartment block F, Ostrava


Construction period: The project is planned to be completed in autumn 2018.

The construction of apartment block F directly follows after the successful first stage of a high standard housing development project implemented by GEMO DEVELOPMENT, spol. s r.o., member of the GEMO HOLDING, a.s. group. The project is intended for everyone who wants to live in the centre of Ostrava, in the middle of a multi-functional centre that is within easy reach of shopping and entertainment venues while also providing peace and privacy. Apartments in Nová Karolina are located on a central square in the city, offering exclusive views of the Beskydy Mountains as well as the Dolní Vítkovice industrial complex.

The second stage of construction started with the architecturally bold apartment block F containing 65 residential units in configurations ranging from 1 + kitchenette to 4 + kitchenette as well as two commercial premises. The house also includes a one-storey underground garage, common rooms, cellars and technical facilities. The comfort of living of future inhabitants is improved with balconies, roof terraces, front gardens and a shared garden.

Apartment block F is located on the east side of the Biskupa Bruna Square. The building has three staircase areas with 6, 8 and 9 storeys. The ground floor houses the entrance area, commercial units, garages, cellars and technical facilities. Apartments are located on the second storey and above; the larger apartments are placed in the attractive corner sections, in towers or across the entire wing.

The building has a very distinctive shape. The complex silhouette is formed by two towers on top and a corbelled north wing. The complicated form is unified by the façade featuring as the main motif the lines of ceiling tiles. The space between them is divided by French windows, the profiles of balconies and structured plaster between windows. In the towers, the ceiling tiles form corbels that extend the terraces of the adjoining apartments while also acting as sun screens. The ground floor is oriented towards the square and features commercial spaces and the main entrances. It has an extended height and is vertically divided by raster façades, tiling panels and other fillings.

The colour scheme of the main part of the building is neutral – sandstone colour with dark window frames. The ground floor also uses darker shades to emphasise its specific function. The entrances to individual sections and dividing panels between balconies will also feature stronger colours.
 The west and south façades will be prepared for the installation of outdoor blinds. 

On the east side, the architects expect the creation of a courtyard with outdoor living areas. Parking spaces are mainly located in the one-storey underground garage and partially on street level. The street in front of the building will be improved with trees and street furniture. 

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