Prospera – Nářaďovna, Brno

Client: CPI Property Group, a.s.

Construction period: 18 months

A lively, modern and very accessible district called Nová Zbrojovka is being created from a twenty-hectare brownfield near the centre of Brno. This district will in the future provide quality housing options and a varied offer of services and opportunities for shopping, relaxation and work.

The first place in Nová Zbrojnice that will be revived is the building of the former Nářaďovna. One of the centres of former industrial manufacturing will be transformed into a modern administrative building which will meet the highest requirements for quality working space. The building of the former Nářaďovna is undergoing a complex reconstruction and revitalization. The shape solution stays in large measure the same. The current solution consists of steel supporting construction, which is divided into 33 parts in 3 parallel sections. The main entrance into the building is being moved from the sides to the centre of the building where a central communication area with reception, four lifts and an escape staircase will be built. Within the reconstruction new floors are being added into the central part of the building, which will be connected to the existing floors of the side administrative parts. The mezzanine floors are always connected to the main floors by two free-standing spiral staircases. There will be three loft floors which will offer unique work space. There will be a roof terrace with a beautiful view of Brno available. An impressive entrance lobby with central reception, a cafeteria, a shop, a fitness hall and a place for bicycles will also be a part of the building.

The facade of the central part will be made completely out of glass, parts of the facade which will connect with the ceiling construction will be covered with COR-TEN cassettes. Existing side brick parts will be covered with large cladding with window panes. There will be 25 rental units within the project. Those in the side parts will be for commercial use. There will be indoor garages for 108 cars in total in the first and second above ground floor.


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