Reconstruction of administrative building BB Centrum – Building B, Prague

Client: BB C – Building B, s.r.o.

Construction period: 01/2019-03/2020

The reconstruction of Building B in the central part of BB Centrum between Vyskočilova and Želetavská Street in Prague 4 – Michle is a follow up to the already finished construction in this area – the construction of administrative building Delta and the remodelling of Building A. One of the aims of the reconstruction of the existing building is to better connect the building with its surroundings and to bring more life to the ground area.

The main administrative function of Building B will be preserved. The building has 8 above-ground and 3 under-ground floors in total. There are commercial units for restaurants and shops on the ground floor. Variable rental office spaces are located on other above-ground floors. During the reconstruction separate entrances to rental units from each floor’s lobby by the elevator will be made. The inside atrium will be made into a relaxation zone. The tenants will be able to use a green roof which will replace the currently inaccessible roof. There will be parking areas for the whole building on tree under-ground floors.

Existing glass facade and windows have been be mostly preserved. A new addition is a protruding facade made completely from glass on the front of the wing leading to Vyskočilova Street. The rest of the outer facade is made with ceramic cladding on a supporting grating with a ventilated gap. The colour composition is based on pastel tones of brick red and ochre.

Proposed capacity of the building

Number of administrative units 26 units
Number of commercial and restaurant units 4 units
Number of parking spots 247 spots
Office spaces 12 800 m2
Commercial and restaurant units 1 200 m2