2014 Olomouc Region Building of the Year - the GEMO Group receives two honourable mentions

Olomouc, 19 March 2015 - At the award ceremony for the 6th annual Olomouc Region Building of the Year competition (2014), the jury acknowledged two projects realised by the GEMO Group. In the “Residential and Recreation” category, GEMO’s “Residence on Dlouhá St in Olomouc” project received an honourable mention. The “Slovanské Gymnasium Annex in Olomouc” project was likewise awarded an honourable mention in the “Public Facility and Public Landscaping” category.

The investor of the Residence on Dlouhá St in Olomouc project is Rezidence na Dlouhé Olomouc, spol. s r.o., the developer is GEMO DEVELOPMENT, spol. s r.o., member of the GEMO Group, and the general contractor is the construction firm GEMO OLOMOUC, spol. s r.o.


The investor of the Slovanské Gymnasium was the Olomouc Region, while the general contractor was the Association for the Slovanské Gymnasium Annex - GEMO OLOMOUC, spol. s r.o., OHL ŽS, a.s.


The tender procedure was planned and implemented in cooperation with the office of the regional president, the Czech Union of Civil Engineers and the Association of Building Entrepreneurs of the Czech Republic.


”The jury assessed the architectural quality of the building, its overall benefit, the spatial and functional design and integration into the surrounding environment. An important part of the evaluation was the building’s environmental impact, the suitability of the construction materials and access for handicapped individuals”. [Source: www.kr-olomoucky.cz].