Ceremonial laying of foundation stone for the Neředín Campus in Olomouc

Olomouc (25 August 2014) – Representatives of Palacký University, the Olomouc Region, the general contractor and additional guests ceremonially and in a sporting spirit launched the construction of the BALUO Application Centre, a facility on the Neředín Campus that combines research of human movement with the development of new sport and rehabilitation aids and equipment.

The Application Centre will provide the faculty more than 4,000 square meters of sport facilities, offices, prototype workshops and other spaces for rent. Work on the Neředín Campus will continue next year with the reconstruction of the former military laundry building to create space for modern laboratories for the faculty’s Centre for Kinanthropological Research.


"The heart of the campus will be a linear building with a fifty-metre test track on the upper floor. The building will be something of a caterpillar to which all of the other facilities are connected. Traffic on the track above will move at a speed of around 30 km an hour, but only around 4 km an hour on the ground floor. There will be many reasons for slowing down or stopping, including the reception desk, refreshments in the health food centre, and education spaces. The building will serve for initial contact with visitors", said Miroslav Pospíšil, one of the project architects.



Commercial research and leisure activities


Other buildings will house a twenty-five-metre swimming pool with test lanes, a swimming pool with a counter current unit, and a smaller multi-purpose gym with tatami mats, a trampoline pit and a climbing wall. The test facilities will be equipped with state-of-the-art recording technology.


"If we are able to create conditions for training and testing similar to those at the top centres in the West, Olomouc could become a top facility of this kind for Central Europe. However, BALUO will also have a commercial focus, we aim to be a partner for firms seeking inspiration for new products and services for a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. At the same time, the sport facility will also be open to students and the public, thus improving the offer of amenities for residents of Neředín", added David Másilka, the manager of the BALUO Centre.


The total budget for the construction of the BALUO Centre is over CZK 160 million, three-quarters of which Palacký University received from the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade under the Enterprise and Innovation Operational Programme supporting prosperity. Costs for the conversion of the former laundry into the modern Kinanthropological Centre are projected at CZK 125 million, part of which will be covered by a grant from the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The entire sport and research complex should be completed in 2016.


GEMO OLOMOUC is the general contractor of the project.


Source: www.upol.cz