Construction of five Cascade House buildings in Olomouc

GEMO OLOMOUC, spol. s r.o. is the general contractor to build five Cascade House buildings for the investor VBD Tabulový vrch.

Sales of individual residential units is being performed for VBD Tabulový vrch by the firm ARTERA spol. s r.o., Sokolská 7, 779 00 Olomouc, tel./fax.: 585 426 850, e-mail:

The building is designed using the concept of a terraced residential cascade, a trademarked system based on pre-fabricated "L" shaped elements. A cascade is created by stacking these elements on top and partially set back from each other, with the ceiling of the lower flat simultaneously serving as the terrace of the upper flat. Reinforced concrete pillars form the vertical load-bearing construction of the frame. Interior spaces can be divided in numerous ways to suit the needs of the buyer. Flats can be joined both vertically and horizontally. The use of the pre-fabricated system also combines the advantages of collective and individual living. The residential cascades create the comfort of a family home with an open terrace.

Each flat has at least one parking space; the parking garage is located inside on the lower levels of the building.

The supporting foundation construction will be built on a post base. The load-bearing construction is formed by a combination of reinforced concrete pillars, reinforced concrete girders, and reinforced concrete panels. Windows are plastic with double-pane insulation.

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Olomouc, 13th February 2007