We have finished a unique facade of the first AFI CITY office building in Prague, Vysočany

GEMO a.s. as general supplier of the construction has finished coating the 19-story office building with the so-called modular facade for the AFI Europe developer. The dominant object spreads over 17 000 square meters of the rentable area with an underground parking lot of more than 300 parking spaces creates an entrance gate to the AFI City modern district, which is being constructed on a 15 hectare brownfield in Prague Vysočany. 

Glazed areas in a combination with an atypical grid in an elegant white design with pearly reflection creates a unique appearance of the facade, while its technical aspects and details were tested in a certified testing place in Belgium, using the so-called mock-up (a sample of the facade).

The visual aspect of the facade was based on the architectural concept CMC architects, the technical assignment was created by the MFS Digital company, which also provided a professional consultation and supervision during the preparatory period, as well as during the implementation of the facade. The supplier of the facade was the OKM Group Brno, spol. s.r.o.

Source: https://retrend.cz/architektura-a-design/budova-afi-city-ma-zbrusu-novy-plast/

More about the project: http://www.gemo.cz/reference/afi-city-budova-a-praha


Date 17.5.2020, Olomouc